* Please note: We do not provide legal advice. Please obtain legal counsel from your lawyer as you see fit. Once you have concluded that you would like to pay a foreign traffic ticket we soley provide services to manage the payment of the fine.

Received a traffic ticket in a different country?

We will add payment options for traffic tickets in additional countries worldwide soon. Currently we are working on speeding tickets from the Netherlands and traffic tickets from Great Britain.


We will can process speeding and traffic tickets from Austria and Switzerland.

August 31, 2017 | by Carsten Franke  

We are ready to process your German speeding tickets.
March 22, 2016 | by Carsten Franke


There are numerous websites out there explaining the German traffic laws and speeding tickets, as well as the legal process and options to object to a ticket.

After checking all those, and after consulting with your lawyer you may have concluded the ticket is valid and you would like pay the fine to resolve the German traffic ticket.
But a question remains: How do I pay a German traffic ticket?

With the speeding ticket the German authorities supply a form for direct funds transfer, which only works with German or European banks. The information from Germany can not easily be translated into an international wire transfer form, and credit cards are not accepted. International wire transfers also can carry bank fees from $40 to $70, and you may spend hours at your bank trying to figure them out.
Here we can step in. We provide services to manage and pay the German traffic tickets you may have received during your trip *. We offer a streamlined process and at the end you will receive a confirmation that your ticket has been paid. See the Services tab for details how we can help manage your German speeding ticket.

In Germany and many European countries most traffic tickets are not issued in person by a policeman or traffic officer, but the speeding ticket will arrive weeks later in the mail.

News Update September 1, 2017

We launched our service in March 2016 and now receive requests on a daily basis. So far we have been able to help all our customers to manage their German traffic tickets, and we have handled Austria and Switzerland as well.


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