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As a German living in the USA, I frequently was approached by friends: "During my visit to Germany I was speeding a little, saw a red flash, and now weeks later I received a traffic ticket (Bussgeldbescheid) in the mail. How can I pay this German speeding ticket while I am in the USA?"


And there is no easy answer to this. Most German traffic authorities only provide a form for direct funds transfer from a German bank account. They do not accept credit cards or other forms of payment. Some friends tried wire transfers, but it is not easy to find the needed information, the bank fees are in the range from $40 to $80, and a question remains if the needed ticket information is conveyed correctly to the German bank, so that the payment is applied to the right ticket. The best solution for many was to ask a friend in Germany to pay the ticket on their behalf.


To resolve this and enable Americans and Canadians to manage and pay their German and European minor traffic and speeding tickets I have founded International Traffic Ticket Services LLC and registered it with the State of Minnesota in March 2016.


The concept is straight forward: When you have decided that you would like to resolve your speeding ticket or traffic ticket by paying the fine, we will pay the ticket from our German bank account or through a German contractor. You then reimburse us for the payment, and pay us a fee to cover our expenses (bank fees, credit card fees, cost of doing business, and our time). We will provide a proof of the payment and package all documentation of the speeding ticket in a neat PDF document, so that you have all documentation in one place. 


Please note: We do not provide legal advice! It is up to you to determine if you should pay the traffic ticket. Please consult a lawyer if you are not sure what to do.





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