We help you manage and pay traffic tickets you have received in Germany and other European Countries.


If you have decided that you would like to pay a German traffic or speeding ticket, we can help you manage and pay it. Currently we can process tickts for an amount up to Euro 200.


1) Use your cell phone or a digital camera to take a good high resolution picture of all documents you have received in connection with your traffic ticket, including the envelope. Typically German traffic authorities will send the speeding ticket, then a first reminder 3-5 weeks later if the speeding ticket has not been paid, and a second reminder 6-8 weeks after the original ticket. There may be "reminder fees" added.


2) email all images of the speeding ticket to: service@germantrafficticket.com
    Please include a phone number where we easily can reach you in case we have questions. Limit onetraffic ticket per email.


3) We will analyze the traffic ticket and determine within 1 business day if we can manage and pay it for you.


4) If we can manage and pay it for you, we will send you a paypal invoice that explains the ticket and will contain the fine, fee and postage charged by the German traffic authority, convertetd from Euro to US$ at a rate of 1 Euro = 1.13 US$. We will add a ticket management fee according to the fee schedule below. You can pay the invoice with most mayor credit cards or from your paypal balance. By paying the invoice you authorize us to provide the ticket information to our partner company in Germany and to a German bank for payment.


5) Once we have received your payment we will initiate the payment of the traffic ticket through our partner company in Germany, via direct funds transfer from a German bank account.


6) Once the payment is processed, we will provide documentation of the payment in form of a PDF document. This will include proof of payment, payment time, the "from" and "to" bank accounts and the file number of the ticket.

Most traffic authorities do not provide a letter of receipt of the fine, proof of payment is sufficient. Where applicable we will request a letter of receipt on your behalf, or provide you with a letter that you can send to the German authority to request confirmation that the ticket has been resolved.


7) If you receive additional letters from the traffic authority while we are processing your ticket, please take pictures and email them to us as before.


8) We will summarize all information on your ticket in a single PDF document and email you the document within 4 weeks after payment.


Note: We reserve the right to refuse processing a ticket if the documentation provided is not complete or not readable, if the time is not sufficient to provide payent in time, or any other reason that makes us believe we can not manage your ticket in an adequate way. We currently do not manage tickets that include "points in Flensburg" on your driving record or a driving ban. We can only process tickets for a fine up to Euro 200.  We will inform you about our refusal to manage a ticket within 2 business days.

The fee covers all cost to manage your traffic ticket and facilitate the direct funds transfer from a German bank account to the ticket issuing authority in Germany. The fee does not include the fine, the fine is charged as a separate line item.

Traffic fine, fee & postage                        Our ticket management Fee

up to Euro 20.00                                       US$ 20.00

from Euro 20.01 to 50.00                          US$ 30.00

from Euro 50.01 to 100.00                        US$ 40.00
from Euro 100.01 to 200.00                      US$ 50.00

from Euro 200.01 to 300.00                      US$ 60.00





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